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Friday, October 13, 2017

Member Spotlight

Meet Lynn Tanksley

My name is Lynn Tanksley. I’ve been a member of DMQG since late 2012. I’ve been quilting since about 2009. Someone asked me since I could sew, could I make a quilt for a silent auction fund raiser for a group I was involved with. I said “Sure!” and then I started to panic. But I found some directions online and created a denim and red flannel rag quilt. It was a success and raised some money! I started buying fabric and creating other quilts. Fast forward to October, 2012. I was working on a traditional patchwork style quilt (also for an auction) when somehow I came across a picture of a modern quilt. I bought that last patchwork quilt back at the auction since I knew I was never making one like it again. Then I found out about QuiltCon and signed up immediately. My next thought was, “Hmm, wonder if there is a Modern Quilt Guild near me.” So that’s how I ended up here.

In my day job, I’m a software engineer. I work out of an office in Austin but I work from my home in Plano. I work on graphical user interfaces of network test equipment. My work desk with its four computers shares a chair with my sewing table. It does sometimes happen that in the middle of a work day, I’ll swivel my chair around and do some sewing. My sewing table is a standard desk covered with a 23x70 cutting mat. I have a smaller cutting mat I usually use, but for longer cuts, I just move my machine and have plenty of space. I can also see my design wall from my work desk. 

I don’t do a lot of social media, mainly just Facebook. I do keep a blog of my quilting work though. This is more a diary than a real blog. It’s a place I can talk about my quilts and remember them but it’s not interesting enough that other people will read it.

Most of my quilts are gifts for people, although that includes the two other members of my family, so some of those end up staying in the house. I especially seem to make a lot of quilts for my daughter, Phoebe.

Michael, Phoebe, and Lynn 
Michael, Phoebe, and Lynn in Utah this Summer

The first denim/flannel rag quilt

The last fateful traditional quilt

One of my favorite quilts. This is an improv pattern by Modern Quilt Studio, one of my favorite design and fabric houses. I was scared of improv at first, but it turns out my favorite quilts (to make a look at) are improv, so I guess I’m over that.

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