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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Member Spotlight

Meet Leigh Roper 

1)  Introduce yourself to us, (i.e., how long have you been quilting, do you have a day job, do you enjoy other hobbies)

My name is Leigh Roper and I think that I’ve always had an attraction to fabric.  My mom quilted and sewed and I remember going fabric shopping with her and just touching fabric and thinking about what it would like made into something.  Flash forward many years.  I married Glenn, who was in the Army, he took all over the world.  In 2006, we moved to South Korea and I met Jen Eskridge, who was a quilter.  She took me to the fabric market, which became a drug!  She reintroduced me to quilting and the rest is history!  I recently purchased a Handi Quilter long arm and have been mastering that beauty.  It is an entirely different way to be creative.  I love it!

2)  How long have you been a member of DMQG, what/who inspired you join our group, are you a member of another guild as well?

When my friend, Jen Eskridge, found out that I would be relocating to the Dallas area, she urged me to join DMQG.  So I attended a meeting in 2014 and have been a member ever since.  I am also a member of the Rowlett Quilt Guild.

3)  Do you do social media?  if so do you have an instagram handle, or would you welcome other members to follow you on Facebook?

I use social media for personal and business avenues.  I love social media, it is just a great way to keep in touch.  I have two Facebook accounts, Leigh Love Roper and Dandelion Quilt Company.  
My Instagram handles are Leigh Roper and dandelionquiltco.

4) Tell us about your favorite quilt/sewing project.

When we were stationed at Fort Hood, we met a wonderful British couple.  She also quilted, so we were instant friends!  When I found out that they were moving, I decided to make her a quilt.  But what do you make.  So, I came up with a Texas flag on one side and the Union Jack on the other.  What was really fun about the Union Jack, was the technique.  I love how that project came out.

5) What inspires you to create?

I am a visual learner.  I get my ideas from looking at magazines, my surroundings, blogs and fabric.  I love color and matching different fabrics together.

6) Are you a Fan girl/boy (i.e., is there a quilty person you love and enjoy stalking their work)?  Tell us about them. 

I do follow a number of blogs and there are so many that have great ideas, but since getting my Handi Quilter, I’ve been following more quilting blogs.  I love Angela Walters and Natalia Bonner.  They have such talent!

7) Do you enter quilt shows?  Have you received and ribbons?  Tell us about them. 

I have not entered any quilts in any show, but I would love to!

8) Have you made friendships through DMQG.  Tell us who they are, we would love to know.

I think that quilty friends are the best!  There are too many names to mention, but I have always felt welcome at the meeting and events.  Thank you!

9) When you complete your quilts what becomes of them?  Give away? Keep? Sell? Show?

I make a lot of quilt gifts, but there are some that I have put my heart and soul into that I just cannot part with!

10) In what room of the house do you sew? Tell us about your sewing/quilting/crafting space.

When we moved to Sachse, we built a house, and part of that build was to create a sewing space.  I have about 400 square feet to work with and I love it!

11) What is your current fabric obsession (color, line, style, etc.)?

I love colors that flow and blend.  Natalia Bonner just came out with Thrive and l love how the blues and greens almost melt together.

12) Favorite quilting blogs?

Don’t really have a favorite.

13) Please share photo’s of you and some of your favorite projects, friends, family or pets.  
Leigh and Glenn


Leigh's son Ryan

Leigh's daughter Sarah

Leigh's favorite Union Jack quilt she gifted to a British family
 that she friended while stationed at Fort Hood

Abby and Max

Bella on Snapchat

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