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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Member Spotlight

Meet Karla Pajot

Karla is part of a mother/daughter duo, and hopefully one day a mother/daughter/granddaughter trio with the new addition of her granddaughter Vivian Nurmi. If you have been able to attend a DMQG retreat then you have probably witnessed what a great team she and Kim make as they work together on their projects. 

I took a beginning quilting class at Suzie's in Garland in 2000 when a friend asked me to join her. After that I was hooked. My daughter, Kim Nurmi, was already a self-taught quilter so we started going to retreats    in Colorado where she lived. When Kim moved back to Garland in 2011, she joined DMQG and I began going on retreats with her here. Finally  I joined the guild myself a couple of years ago. The friends I have made in DMQG are priceless!  Kim and I did a paper pieced dot quilt and actually won several ribbons at various quilt shows. See you at the next retreat
Karla and Vivian

Karla and Vivian

Karla and Kim with their award winning quilt
Karla and Kim at retreat

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