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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Officer Spotlight

Meet Chelsey Fields 

1)  Introduce yourself to us, (i.e., how long have you been quilting, do you have a day job, do you enjoy other hobbies)

My name is Chelsey Fields and I’ve been quilting for about 8 years. After spotting a quilt made out of 1930’s fabric in a shop I got a jelly roll and had my mom help me make it. It’s been a downward spiral ever since!  I’m interested in just about every craft that is out there and if I don’t have the supplies to make something then I know my mom does in her craft room. To support this habit I work at a specialty music store in Plano where I repair flutes full time. 

2)  How long have you been a member of DMQG, what/who inspired you join our group, are you a member of another guild as well?

I’ve been a member of the DMQG for about 2 years. My mother is a member of the Rowlett Quilt Guild and I’ve been to several of their meetings but just felt that it wasn’t quite my style so we decided to come to the DMQG meeting.  The activity that day was answering questions about the Modern Guild and Modern Quilting in a small group. I had ZERO idea what the answers were but we came back about 6 months later and decided to join. I remember being  blown away by the show and tell portion of our first couple of meetings and turning to my mom saying, “Wow! You have to bring your A-Game here!” Fortunately everyone in the guild is so nice that it’s hard to get jealous of all the creativity!

3) What is your current board position?  What other roles have you had with DMQG? 

I am currently the Community Service Chair of the Guild and I’ve been a member of the Guild for about 2 years. 

4)  Do you do social media?  if so do you have an Instagram handle, or would you welcome other members to follow you on Facebook?

My Instagram handle is @chelseylanefields and I have a Facebook but I’m NEVER on it. 

5) Tell us about your favorite quilt/sewing project.

They’re all my favorite but over the past couple of years I’ve really gotten into garment sewing. I have a stash of ridiculous fabric that I can’t wait to make into outfits. It makes me not want to work on anything else!

6) What inspires you to create?

Everything! The internet, instagram, etc. are a great source but also seeing what other people are doing always inspires me. 

7) Are you a Fan girl/boy (i.e., is there a quilty person you love and enjoy stalking their work)?  Tell us about them. 

Carolyn Friedlander, Initial K Studio, Noodlehead, are some of my favorite. I also really like a lot of the Indie garment pattern companies like Grainline Studio. I really appreciate when you can tell that somebody has put a lot of thought into writing their pattern and they layout the easiest, best, and most fabric efficient technique for you. There are definitely patterns that I’ve made that I will never make again because they were poorly written!

8) Do you enter quilt shows?  Have you received and ribbons?  Tell us about them. 

I’ve entered a couple of quilt shows and I’ve entered items into the State Fair of Texas. Last year I received second place in the handbag category and a handful of Honorable Mentions. I plan on entering more items this year and hope for a Blue Ribbon!

9) Have you made friendships through DMQG.  Tell us who they are, we would love to know.

Of course! I really enjoy meeting with our small group of ladies who go to Handwork Monday. I also really like getting to know different member of the Guild during meetings and of course, everyone one the board.

10) When you complete your quilts what becomes of them?  Give away? Keep? Sell? Show?

I’d say most of the quilts I’ve made recently have been given as gifts. I’ve got some that I’m slowly working on that I plan on keeping. Maybe that’s why they’re not done yet! 

11) In what room of the house do you sew? Tell us about your sewing/quilting/crafting space.

I have a HUGE craft room. My house was built in the 1960’s and the previous owners added on a 16x20 room. 2 of the walls have glass cabinets along the walls so I store all of my fabric in there. I built a cutting table to go right in the middle of the room and it has a ton of storage in the legs. I’ve also put a garment rack along one wall and it acts as my closet for all of my vintage dresses. I really love being able to look up from what I’m working on and see all of the different colors in my wardrobe.

12) What is your current fabric obsession (color, line, style, etc.)?

I’m all blues and greens and I really like Cotton and Steel. 
13) Favorite quilting blogs?

I’m on Carolyn Friedlander’s email blast and I like to follow a lot of crafters on Instagram

14) Why modern quilting? As a quilt artist, what more would you like the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild to do to encourage/inspire/educate quilters?

I’ve found that modern quilting fits what I’m interested in making and having around my house! I appreciate Civil War quilts and very traditional quilts but it’s just not something I want to have around. The Guild meetings are a great way to learn about new techniques or ideas and I really enjoy hearing from not only guest speakers but from our members. 

Cathy (mom), Rebecca (bff), & Chelsey
in front of the quilt they made for Rebecca's wedding gift 

Chelsey & Cathy (mom) at a Ranger game 

Darby (sister), Chelsey, & Tory (sister) at a Rangers game 

Chelsey & Rich (bf)

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