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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Member Spotlight

Meet Stacey Smith 

Hi Everyone,

It has been my delight to be a part of the DMQG for the last year!
I work full time as an Administrative Assistant and travel to the beach whenever I have the opportunity (Not nearly often enough in my mind)
Beth Phillips, who is my coworker pulled me into the group by bringing lots of her ongoing projects to work and telling me how much I would enjoy it. She was totally right, and her desk is opposite mine so we have a dangerous back and forth of fabric and pattern enablement.
“I don’t really need a new pattern right now.” “Oh, that is so cute, didn’t you say you needed another project for retreat?” and so it goes.

I am the proud Auntie of 4 nieces and 2 nephews with 2 more to come this year they are so much fun and I love making things for them.
I started learning to sew when I was 7 years old with pillows, aprons etc. I finally convinced my Mom that we could launch into a quilt when a friend gave us a garbage bag full of free fabric.
My Mom, 2 sisters and I learned some very important lessons making that quilt. The first being that everyone’s ¼ “ is a bit different. Our blocks were all different sizes, we also decided to use non-bonded cotton batting and hand quilt it. (No, we never fully completed that one but we learned tons!)
After that we did a pictorial quilt for my Grandma with scenes from our favorite kids books, several baby quilts and quite a few “quilt in a day” quilts.
Seasons changed and the cover stayed on my sewing machine for the next 15 years. (Except for vital mending or emergency curtains) Having caught the bug again, I have a sewing table snugged and I do mean snugged into the corner of my kitchen but definitely accessible. I love quilting but all of the other sewing projects too, clothing for the littles, Bags, baskets, wall hangings. My ambition from a very young age was to try all of the fabric & needlecrafts that existed in the world. So I have tatted, crocheted, knitted, tried knot lace, hardanger, cross stitch, embroidery, hand dyeing, felting, smocking, ribbon embroidery, trapunto, weaving, making clothes, rug hooking, braided rugs, spinning and more. I have never met a craft I won’t try. In my mind Pintrest is the greatest resource to hit the internet and I love the wide perspective that I find there and the ability to hang onto the looks I Like.

Most everything that I make is a gift for someone else. I think of it as a present that includes an extra amount of love. I am always thrilled to see the things I have made being used by those I give them too. So I aim for very practical and washable items.

I love the simplicity of design in modern quilting and also how these quilts sometimes mess with your perception of depth and color. From the beginning of my quilting journey I have been drawn to bright contrasts and striking independent patterns. I wouldn’t call myself exclusively modern more equal opportunity with a bent toward a modern feeling.

Stacey and Beth 

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