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Monday, March 27, 2017

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Kathy Bright - Retreat Coordinator

Lee Jenkins - DMQG President

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Officer Spotlight

Meet Kathy Bright

Hi, I’m Kathy Bright, DMQG Retreat Coordinator.  I have also been Activities Chair in the past.  I’ve been quilting on and off for 35 years.  I began when my children were little.  Back then I hand pieced and hand quilted.  I have worked for Duncanville ISD for 27 years, my current position is Shop Secretary for the transportation department. I have been married for over 42 years, mother of 3 and grandma of 7 and a Cub Scout leader.  I love quilting, sewing and crafting.
I have been a member of DMQG for about 4 years.  I joined with my sister, Kristi Carpenter, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  I have made some very special friendships, Ashley Leon, Lee Jenkins, Denise Strueber, Lynn Tanksley, Bettepat Graves, Sara H., Christina Lee, the list goes on and on.  I am constantly learning new things and am always amazed by the talented ladies in the guild.
I love piecing, putting the colors and patterns together to get something unique.  I love bright colors and patterns.  I like fabrics by Kaffe Fassett and Alexander Henry.  I would like to get into fabric dyeing and embellishing with embroidery. I have entered a few quilt shows and was surprised to get a first and a third place in the 2015 Ellis County Quilt show and Honorable Mention in the 2016 Dallas Quilt show.  I usually give my quilts to family, occasionally to a friend.  Some are hung in my home but most of them are on a quilt ladder or folded in the sewing room.  It just seems that I am planning the next one as I finish the one I am working on.

Kathy and her other half Terry

Friday, March 3, 2017

Officer Spotlight

Meet Kate Park 
VP of Fundraising

Introduce yourself to us, (i.e., how long have you been quilting, do you have a day job, do you enjoy other hobbies) 

Hi! My name is Kate Park, and I have been sewing since I was 15. A neighbor was selling her sewing machine at a garage sale, and my Dad helped me get the 1950s Janome New Home (and its wooden table) home. I have been sewing ever since. I love to knit, read, travel, listen to music. Quilting is a new passion – 2015. In my day job, I am the Executive Director of Friends of the Dallas Public Library, the non-profit that raises money and awareness for the Dallas Public Library system.

How long have you been a member of DMQG, what/who inspired you join our group, are you a member of another guild as well? 

As I started becoming interested in quilting, I got on Meetup and found DMQG. I joined the DMQG in late 2015. 

What is your current board position? 

VP of Fundraising

What other roles have you had with DMQG? 


Do you do social media?

@francestricot - Instagram, @bonniepurl - Twitter 

if so do you have an instagram handle, or would you welcome other members to follow you on Facebook? 

Yes please! Anticipate a lot of sewing, knitting and bookish posts.

Tell us about your favorite quilt/sewing project. 

I am currently working on a project that I am calling a “Batch of Sleuths”, which a modified Elizabeth Hartman pattern with a Nancy Drew theme. I am also loving our Milky Way Sampler BOM. It is so much fun to try a new technique, and I really like foundation paper piecing! 

What inspires you to create? 

I have always loved working with yarn, beads, fabric and paper. In my working life, I sometimes work on a grant proposal or a project idea that may or may not get funded or come to fruition for over a year - if it happens at all. I love what I do for a living, but I have to admit being able to cut fabric, sew it together and create something new, functional and beautiful is so fulfilling. 

Are you a Fan girl/boy (i.e., is there a quilty person you love and enjoy stalking their work)? 

Since we hosted Carolyn Friedlander last year, I have been become a fan of her quilts and fabric. 

Do you enter quilt shows?

I have not yet, but please send good, quilty thoughts for 2018. (: 

Have you made friendships through DMQG? Tell us who they are, we would love to know.

Doris Kennedy was the first person who I met at our monthly meetings. She has, like so many of our members have, been so generous with sharing their knowledge, skills, and encouragement. I have genuinely enjoyed working with our Board. What an incredible group of inspiring women. Also, I am grateful for the friendships that I have made at Saturday Sew with Sam Simmons-Clark, and Dee Merrell. And at Handwork Monday – the mother daughter duo of Cathy and Chelsey Fields – are wonderful.   

When you complete your quilts what becomes of them?  Give away? Keep? Sell? Show?

I will admit to being a keeper. But I hope to work on some charity quilts soon… 

In what room of the house do you sew? Tell us about your sewing/quilting/crafting space. 

Having recently moved, I am fitting into a smaller space, but I have all of my books and patterns together. All of the fabric and yarn is pretty well organized. I sew at desk and am about to invest in a small table that I can use as a cutting table.

What is your current fabric obsession (color, line, style, etc.)? 

I am always drawn to blues and greens, so I am trying to work outside of those color ways. I cannot wait to see Riffle’s Alice In Wonderland line. I am a huge Liberty fabric fan. And I am loving the new Friedlander line. (Big surprise.)

Favorite quilting blogs?

Purl Bee, Gen X Quilter, She Can Quilt and Diary of a Quilter

Why modern quilting? As a quilt artist, what more would you like the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild to do to encourage/inspire/educate quilters? 

I love traditional quilts. My grandmother was a quilter, and my Dad, whom my Mom lovingly calls “Quilt Boy”, collects and preserves quilt tops and has a local quilting circle quilt them. But modern quilting speaks to my love of clean lines, and revitalizing the traditional with newness. I love modern and creative takes on traditional designs. 
Me and supportive of my hobbies significant other, Chris.

Meet Wuzz, who is a big fan of watching Bunny the angelfish, Cutty the plecostomus and the rest of the corner fish, who are named for characters on The Wire.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Member Spotlight

Meet Sherry Lundswick 

Hi, my name is Sherry Lundswick and I have recently joined DMQG. I have been a quilter for about 15 years but have sewn most of my life. I discovered that quilting is so much more fun than trying to make a pattern fit my body!!

I joined DMQG mostly because it meets at my Church and I know a few ladies that are also members. I am new to Modern Quilts and think I am going to enjoy it. But, mostly, I am enjoying getting to know the members.

One of my favorite projects is making t-shirt quilts. I never know when I start what the project will end up looking like. It is always fun and I feel like I get to know the person I am making the quilt for, by putting their t-shirts together. 

Trying new patterns and techniques is what inspires me to create. I follow several quilters on Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram, but mostly just look for something that catches my eye. I do not enter my quilts in shows. I just enjoy making them for others and don’t want to be judged about my ability.

Most of the quilts I make are given away. I make one for each of my nieces and nephews as they graduate from high school; when babies are born and most recently, I’ve been making charity quilts (trying to use up some of my stash!!)

I am lucky enough to have a whole bedroom dedicated to be my Quilting Room. It is bright and cheery and really messy! But, it’s all mine!! I continually try to find ways to make it more organized but it seems to stay messy. 

I am fascinated by the modern quilts and love that the Guild offers lots of good speakers and classes. I’m always looking for new ways to work and new ideas.

Another quilt made for another niece when she graduated from High school.
This is a quilt that I made for our church's 60th anniversary.                                                          Most of the current members signed it and it is hanging in the church.
This is a quilt I made for my daughter's best friend when she married. When asked what her favorite colors are, she said green, orange and black!! Didn't know how I was going to get those to work but it did!
 This was a quilt I made for one of my nieces.                                                              She loves animal prints and the backing is Texas Tech fabric where she goes to school. 

Sherry and her hubby