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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Meet Anne Kamper - Parliamentarian

Officer Spotlight

Meet Anne Kamper 

  • Introduce yourself to us, (i.e., how long have you been quilting, do you have a day job, do you enjoy other hobbies)

I started quilting in 2001 when my mom had me pick out fabric and piece a quilt while I was home on Christmas break from College, then told me I had to hand quilt my first quilt needless to say its 2017 and its still not finished. Because of life I didn’t really do any quilting until about 2009 when I started again and have been going ever since!
 I wish all I did was quilt but yes I have a day job! I am a 1:1 Instructional Coach at a High School in Garland, in other words I coach teachers on how to incorporate technology into their lessons.  This is my 12th year in Public Education prior to this year I taught Middle School Science! 
My other hobbies are Playing Disc Golf, Hiking and Camping love going to National Parks we are headed to Big Bend for Spring Break and super excited. We try to go to Colorado every summer! 

  • How long have you been a member of DMQG, what/who inspired you join our group, are you a member of another guild as well?

I have been a member of Modern Guild since 2012 I believe, my mom was a member and I had moved back to Dallas in July of 2011 so I started coming. 

  • What is your current board position?  What other roles have you had with DMQG? 

Parliamentarian - odd fact I was in FFA in high school and on our Parliamentary Procedure contest team, yes there is a contest on how well you can operate and run a meeting understanding the rules of parliamentary procedure

  • Do you do social media?  if so do you have an instagram handle, or would you welcome other members to follow you on Facebook?

I am on Facebook you can find me with my email, I don’t really use instagram but I do have one AnnabethK  I have twitter but it is super nerdy all work related.

  • Tell us about your favorite quilt/sewing project.

Favorite project is my trailer quilt I pieced that still needs to be quilted if that happens then I would like to enter it in my first show! I am also working on an all EPP The new Hexagon Millefiore Quilt I am about 1/3 of the way done it will be all hand pieced and about 88x88 when its done! 

  • What inspires you to create?

It is my escape and relaxing from work and other things. I just enjoy creating and making things

  • Are you a Fan girl/boy (i.e., is there a quilty person you love and enjoy stalking their work)?  Tell us about them. 

Not really if I like something I like it, I don’t have just one person!

  • Do you enter quilt shows?  Have you received and ribbons?  Tell us about them.
Have not when I quilt my trailer quilt and finish my millefiorie I plan to enter them 

  • Have you made friendships through DMQG.  Tell us who they are, we would love to know.

Yes, Kim Pajot Nurmi, Kathy Bright, Lee Jenkins, and the list goes on…

  • When you complete your quilts what becomes of them?  Give away? Keep? Sell? Show?

Some I keep but some I give away I have made a few for family and friends Babies

  • In what room of the house do you sew? Tell us about your sewing/quilting/crafting space.

In 2013 when we moved the criteria was a sewing room in the house we bought, so one of our spare bedrooms I painted Iced Purple and I have a large cutting table, my Janome Horizon 8900, and nice iron and a little TV for sewing white noise. I have a big window since its on the front of my house, track lighting, and all other kinds of lighting! 

  • What is your current fabric obsession (color, line, style, etc.)?

I wish I could say what my obsession is my favorite color is purple so I have a lot of that in my stash, I’m like a moth to the flame if I like it I must have it but I have told myself 2017 I am not buying anything new only items needed to complete current projects or complete any items I already have and that is it!

  • Favorite quilting blogs?

I am not an AVID reader of blogs I check them out when I see something I like, however I love Anna Graham of Noodlehead and all of her things

  • Why modern quilting? As a quilt artist, what more would you like the Dallas Modern Quilt Guild to do to encourage/inspire/educate quilters?

Just speaks to me, I am not 100% modern I like more of the Modern Traditional not totally into improve and things like that, My trailer quilt wouldn’t be considered Modern at all probably but it does have some solids. 

  • Please share photo’s of you and some of your favorite projects, friends, family or pets.  

Einstein and Bridget



Nixie and Harvey

Bonnie and Clyde

sewing/happy space

Camping Quilt 

Ginger and JoJo

Tony Stark

Nixie, Harvey, Einstein and Bridget

Kaffe class

Harvey seal of approval

Anne and Aaron


Anne and Aaron's glamping camper 

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