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Monday, October 10, 2016

Fall Retreat Block Lottery 2016

One of my favorite retreat activities is the block lottery.  I hope it is one of yours as well and if you are joining us I hope you will participate in it.  This time I found this great tutorial for a delectable mountains quilt, and I love it!  you can find the tutorial here if you want to check it out before retreat. I had a super fun time making these blocks, I know you will enjoy it as well, they come together so easy and will be a nice break from your retreat projects.  Of course, I will be providing the Moda Linen background fabric, please lets use only bright colors in this projects, and no novelty fabric. 


Thursday, October 6, 2016

Retreat Bound! 

Are you ready for the DMQG Annual Fall Retreat?!  I know I am, I can’t wait for November 3rd to get here.  I’m super excited to see what treats our new retreat coordinator Kathy Bright has in store for us!

If you're a seasoned retreater, you probably know all this (and more!- share more pro tips in the comments). If you're a new retreater, I hope this information will help you prepare for the fun to come!

We'll be retreating at a lovely facility! Be sure to fill up with gas before coming. When you arrive, pull up to the covered parkway- grab one of the hotel dolly's and load your stuff on it. When you come in, you'll be in the main sewing area and we'll all shout hello!   Also, don’t forget to either come find me or Kathy Bright (my super fab retreat helper) or we will find you so we can give you a name badge to place on your sewing machine (this is my favorite thing as I seem to have a collection of them from past retreats). 

On site Quilt Shop
There is a small on-site quilt shop. It's very helpful in the event that you forget something essential (like your rotary cutter or pins). It has a small, but pretty wide selection of fabrics. I wouldn't depend on it to build a whole project, but we always seem to find something that works there! The shop works off the honor system- you keep a running tab at the register and settle before you leave on Sunday.  I love supporting them because they are so nice to our group.  

Rooms have 4-5 beds each.  Since we're a pretty big group, there won't be a lot of empty beds in the rooms. Some people requested roommates, so some rooms will be "booked" even if everyone's not yet there. I hear there will be signs. 

If you didn't request an ADA accessible room, please leave those open for the people who asked for them (and their friends).  A bath and double vanity are in each room.  

Let's be honest, some of us snore (definitely not all of us, but I've heard rumors). They have some pretty nice ear plugs on a cart outside the rooms - there are other essentials there like extra sheets, towels, small toiletries. Oh and blow dryers- if you're inclined to actually blow dry your hair there's only one dryer at the retreat center, so you may want to pack your own. Each room has it's own thermostat (and a ceiling fan) to help you control the temperature (I like to bring an extra blanket since I get cold at night).

Food & Snacks
"The middle of nowhere" is actually a pretty good description of the location. The closest thing nearby is a gas station. Walmart and Starbucks are 20 minutes away. Feel free to bring beverages and snacks. We will have a communal snack table where you can share goodies and healthy snacks. Breakfast is continental- there's a waffle maker, and usually hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, bagels, juice, milk (usually almond and cow), and muffins.  Lunch is served at noon and dinner at 6pm. 

There's a communal fridge and microwave in the sewing room for us to store/warm up our own food and snacks. Please be considerate and keep in mind that 46 people are sharing one fridge (do you need the whole 12 pack in the fridge at once? :)) They also have a coffee pot, endless iced tea, water and a Keurig machine (bring your own k-cups if you have a favorite coffee- they have plenty of regular, decaf and hot chocolate).  And if you are a newbie and are thinking should I bring a bottle of wine, the answer is yes!!!  Please feel free to bring adult beverages, we are a friendly group and get even friendlier at night ;)

Dress comfy! It's only us girls, so no worries about dressing up. Some of us never get dressed. That's fine. Some of us wear yoga pants all weekend. You may want to have a sweater if you get a little cool. 

Many of us like to go on walks, jogs, runs or do yoga on the lawn so you might want to pack exercise clothes, bra, shoes, etc. 

You probably do want to actually wear some sort of footwear just to be safe. Slippers, socks, house shoes are all common. Again, no one dresses up!

There are two giant cutting tables and two giant ironing boards in the sewing room. You'll have two 4-foot tables to cram all your stuff on. They have very comfy sewing chairs (height adjustable, rolly chairs)

Keep in mind that it's better to have too much to work on than to end up with nothing to do by the end of the day Friday.  You'll want to have a variety of projects. I recommend packing by project with everything you need for a project in it's own bin, including pattern, specialty rulers, thread, etc. Pre-cutting is best- trying to plan a project from the beginning doesn't work for me at retreat (there's too much going on for me to concentrate).  

Brian (my bf) made me an extra large portable ironing table that fits perfectly at the end of my tables- Here's a tutorial from Elizabeth Hartman on how to make one. Pro tip: Target sells inexpensive individual tray tables!

Swaps & Fun Activities
If you came to our spring retreat then you know we played a super fun Saran Wrap Ball game!  I am told we will be playing again and its filled with lots of goodies.  Instead of playing Lunch money like we have in the past we will retire that game for a little while and play quilt bingo.  please bring 3 FQ’s and 3 $1 bills to join in the fun!  Also, we will do a block lottery details TBA.  

I’m super excited about participating in our first “Quilt Sis” activity,  I hope you have signed up with Kathy because it should be tons of fun!

Packing List
Minneapolis Modern Quilt Guild has a great word doc download so you can customize it to fit your needs, 

What other words of wisdom do you have for fellow retreaters?  I look forward to seeing you there!

Special thank you to Catherine Dutton for allowing me to use her original post as my template, you can find her post here:

Monday, August 8, 2016


When the Pulse nightclub shootings happened, the Orlando MQG helped our hearts to heal by asking us to make hearts in rainbow colors for them, DMQG answered that call by committing to 5 complete quilts, and I am proud to say we are looking at a minimum of 9 completed by our guild (we have an amazing group). 

Then when tragedy struck in our own back yard on July 7th, it seemed the natural thing to make quilts for our city to help us heal.  Ann (President of FWMQG) called me that morning and asked if Ft. Worth MQG could help Dallas by assisting in a block/quilt drive.  Because we were all familiar with the (thank you Allison for allowing us to use your pattern) it seemed an easy enough process to whip out blue with white background hearts.  I went to work making our first two blocks and spreading the word to our guilds through Instagram.  McKinney MQG then joined us and three guilds have been working together to rally our members to help us complete 20 quilts.  These quilts are to go to the following:  5 quilts to each of the Fallen’s Head of Household, 7 to the injured officers, 2 to the injured civilians, then 1 each to Chief Brown, Dart Chief Spiller, Mayor Rawlings, City Manager Gonzalez, Mark McCullers (SMU officer that drowned that same week), and Matt Pearce (Ft. Worth Police Officer shot 7 times last March).

Well….  that’s how it started, and then there was Baton Rouge.  Really?!?!  Another ambush so fast?  Our hearts started breaking again, and we decided to add 6 more quilts to our count.   Baton Rouge MQG was relieved to hear #quiltsforpeace would be sending them blue heart quilts for their fallen and injured officers.  They were already working on a plan to make quilts for Alton Sterling’s family.  I told them we would also like to send a quilt to Alton’s family. 

“When your heart hurts, you make a heart," is the message that  Ann passed along to me from one of  Fort Worth's board members, Jenn Haxton. #Quiltsforpeace is sincerely that, quilters that are coming together at a time when our hearts hurt.  Our message is one of Peace, Love, and Healing.  It has been amazing all the hearts, quilt tops, quilts, supplies, and donations that quilters from all over the world have sent to us to help us complete out mission we certainly could not have made it all happen with out the Instagram community. 

If you are keeping track we basically need 27 quilts minimum.  I am happy to say we are at over 40.  Today, we decided we would also give another quilt to every fallen officer’s parent.  We want to wrap them all in everyone’s love to help their healing process.  We are also looking into sending 2 quilts to the San Diego MQG for their fallen and injured officers. Our total just jumped to 34 quilts minimum. 

The question on everyone’s minds “can we still send blocks?”  The answer is, YES. We are committed to sending out blue heart quilts to fallen or injured officers anywhere.  We also would like to make green (for healing) heart quilts with low volume fabrics for civilians who are victims of hate crimes.  To do this, we will need the quilting community to help alert us when there is a need. We will keep #quiltsforpeace an ongoing project.

I hope I have helped answer all the questions you have, if I haven’t then its quite possible  we might still be trying to figure out the answers ourselves.  We hope to pass out the quilts in the next few weeks so keep following along with us and Fort Worth MQG on Instagram. 

When your heart hurts, please make #quiltsforpeace a heart, whether blue and white to heal our officers or green with low volume to heal our civilians.  We want to continue this mission of Peace, Love, and Healing through the comfort of quilts for as long as there is a need. 

~Lee Jenkins
President DMQG

Update 2/1/2017  

Huge success over 120 quilts given out!  DMQG is no longer accepting blocks as we have completed the mission we set out to do.  

FWMQG will keep up with #Quiltsforpeace on an as needed basis.  

Have you noticed other guilds are using the #quiltsforpeace to make blocks for fallen officers in their hometowns?  What a great way to pay it forward. 

Keep up the good work everyone!  :)

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Welcome to 2016!

The January meeting will be held on Thursday, January 28 at Ridgewood Park United Methodist Church, 6445 E. Lovers Lane, east of Abrams. (Click here for a google map.)

Our program will be a Trunk Show and Presentation by Jacquie Gering. Jacquie is known for her "out of the box" designs and unique style. Her work has been featured in both national and international publications, and she is the co-author of Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts. Jacquie is on board of the Modern Quilt Guild and blogs at Tallgrass Prairie Studio. You won't want to miss this one! (Guest and visitor fee, $5.)