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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Modern Quilts of Texas Exhibit at the Dallas Quilt Celebration 2013

We are pleased to announce a great opportunity for Dallas Modern Quilt Guild members!
Dallas Quilt Celebration 2013, sponsored by the Quilters Guild of Dallas, is one of the largest quilt shows in the county.  Every year the show features Special Exhibits and for the 2013 show, part of Special Exhibits will include an Open Exhibit of modern quilts representing the various Modern Quilt Guilds throughout Texas.  Titled, Modern Quilts of Texas, our goal is to showcase quilts from members of the various Modern Quilt Guilds across Texas to bring recognition to the incredible workmanship and creativity that exists throughout our Modern Quilt Guilds. 

I encourage everyone to consider entering this exhibit - we do amazing work, ladies, and we should show it off!  In addition, we have the opportunity to staff the Special Exhibits area and promote the DMQG to all of the show attendees, as well as provide "white glove" services for attendees who want to see the quilt backs (you KNOW you want to wear the white gloves!!).  All volunteeres will receive free entry to the show the day they volunteer, a "thank you" gift for volunteering 4 or more hours and participation in the largest "all volunteer" quilt show in the country.  We'll have sign up sheets at our January and February meetings (there are lots of volunteer opportunities available throughout the show - Cathy can advise if you're interested).
Now, for the exhibit information:

Here is the information for participation.  Further questions may be directed to Cathy Bryan (DMQG member) at

This is an Open Exhibit based on a First Submission, First Accepted Basis. 

Exhibit Dates:
March 8-10, 2013
Dallas Market Hall. 
Refer to the Dallas Quilt Celebration website ( for more information regarding show hours, location and directions.
All Quilts submitted must remain in the exhibit for the entire show. 

Entry Deadline / Entry Quota:
·        Entry deadline is Jan 31, 2013
·        We will accept up to 60 quilt entries. 
·        In an effort to have representation from all 6 of the Modern Quilt Guilds in Texas, we will reserve 5 exhibit slots for entries from each of the Modern Guilds in Texas until Jan 15, 2013.  After Jan 15, 2013, any exhibit slots left unfilled will be added to the remaining 30 exhibit slots for entries from any Guild.

Entry form:
·        Please complete the Online form at:
·        Entries must be submitted by midnight, Jan 31, 2013

Quilt requirements:
·        There is no size limit, but be aware that quilts with any side > 90” may not be fully displayed
·        Quilt Must be finished - quilted and bound
·        Each quilt entry must have a hanging sleeve attached to the back, at least 4 inches wide. Quilts will be hung on wooden rods. Refer to the entry requirements for the Dallas Quilt Celebration for more information regarding hanging sleeves. 
·        An entry comprises all elements on one hanging rod. If you have multiple small quilts that are meant to be hung as a collection, they will count as separate entries unless they are connected or can hang on a single rod within the size limits.
·        Each quilt must contain a label on the back of the quilt.  Quilt label should include, as a minimum: 
Quiltmakers name(s)—both quilt top piecing and quilting
Date Completed
Name of Quilt

Quilt delivery:
In Person:  Due on March 6, 2013 between 9am – 1pm at Dallas Market Hall
Shipped:  Will be accepted between Feb 15th - March 5, 2013.  All shipped deliveries MUST BE received by March 5, 2013 for inclusion in the exhibit.

Quilt Pick Up:
In Person:  Due on March 10, 2013 between 6am – 7pm at Dallas Market Hall
·        Identification will be required for all In Person pick up.
Shipped:  Return shipping will occur between March 11 – March 15, 2013. 
Alternate delivery schedules requires prior coordination and approval by Exhibit Coordinator.

All Shipping delivery charges are the responsibility of the entrant.
Alternate delivery and / or pick up arrangements requires prior coordination and approval by Exhibit Coordinator.

You will be required to check the Release of Liability box on the entry form.  The exhibit space will have 24 hour onsite security throughout the time your quilt will be on exhibit at Dallas Market Hall.  Entries received prior to March 6th delivery at Dallas Market Hall (shipped entries) will be maintained and cared for in an appropriate manner. No responsibility for loss or damage to my entry will be assumed by QGD or the Exhibit Coordinator.

Entry Photo:
Each entry must be accompanied a photo. (See instructions for photo submission on the Entry form).
The quilt does  not have to be completed at the time of the photo / entry submission, but must be completed upon delivery to the exhibit.

Exhibit Coordinator: Cathy Bryan, Special Exhibits Chair, Dallas Quilt Celebration 2013

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