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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Impatient Quilter

This week we are so excited to have Laura Childs as our guest blogger!

She's been sewing all her life and got bitten by the quilt bug in the last couple of years. Her zest to continually learn and improve is always inspiring at our monthly meeting show-n-tells. Originally from the Chicago area, we are proud to have her in our Dallas guild.

Laura is currently working on lots of wonky projects, especially wonky log cabins with fussy cut centers! Some of her favorite fabric designers include Joel Dewberry, Aneela Hoey, Sarah Jane, Jay McCarroll, and Tina Givens.

Here are just a few of her projects, be sure to check out her Flicker photostream to see even more!

Wonky 9 patch in sunny yellow

Pink and brown pinwheel pattern with striped sashing & trim
and 4 attached toys at corners

53"x53" quilt using Central Park fabric by Kate Spain for Moda
w/ Amy Butler border

Fabler fabric from Ikea; Slideshow pattern

I don't have a blog, but if I did, I'd like to name it The Impatient Quilter, which is kind of an oxymoron since we all know patience is a necessity when quilting, but it best describes my hurriedness to want to finish what I'm working on and start something new. I'm not very loyal to the current project! 

I can never be satisfied with enjoying the moment and the process. This brings me to the to the topic of this guest blog: patience and enjoying the moment.

Raise your hand if the following situation describes you...someone is sharing a quilt they just made (whether at a guild meeting, show-n-tell, blog, or home). The first thing you do is go 'ooh' and 'aahh' right? But then your mind takes over and you start to analyze the quilt, sometimes out loud, sometimes just in your head.

"Look at those, those are perfect matching points...isn't that the fabric from the so and so collection?...I wonder what that pattern long did it take her?...did she quilt it herself?...what if it was done in different colors?...could I create something that difficult?" And so on and so forth.

Is your hand raised? Mine certainly is! I recently discovered that I was missing the opportunity to simply enjoy the end result--a beautiful quilt--of a lot of hard work, creativity, and love. I scolded myself. Enjoy the moment! Enjoy the spirit of the craft. Enjoy the choices made. Enjoy the person's effort. Just enjoy the quilt!

It's hard to turn off an analytical mind, but I believe there is a benefit to directing your mind to see--to really see--what's right in front of your eyes and to observe the totality of it before deconstructing it. Tell your mind to be patient. There is plenty of time to explore it later. But allow yourself to absorb the quilt.

So please join me in the challenge of taking a deep breath, looking and seeing the quilt...and purely enjoying it! You know the expression "stop and smell the roses"? Alter it a bit, and just stop and see the quilt.

Patient sewing!


  1. I love everything Laura makes- she puts such a unique twist on her designs.

  2. As you become a more patient quilter, you become more creative.....and you're right-learning to relish someone's effort is a reward in itself!

  3. I agree Jenny...I am amazed at her creativity and her ability to FINISH projects!

  4. beautifully said Laura! You are so talented and make such beautiful quilts!

  5. your quilts are terrific; I like the array of styles from wonky to traditionally symmetrical - and all fun and colorful! your words are very well-put,thank you for sharing.