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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bee Season

It's bee season!

Quilting bees are a fun way to learn new techniques. Many of you have probably participated in online quilting bees, and now you will have a chance to do one with people you actually know! We are going to try a couple of different bee types this year. Sign ups will occur throughout May (at our Monthly Meeting and Saturday Sew). The first round of Bees will kick off in June. Depending on the interest level, we may start a second round in July (with sign ups at the June meetings, dates TBA)

If you would like to participate, please carefully review the rules and evaluate the time commitment required.

Monthly Block Swap
Participants: Anyone who attends monthly meetings or Saturday Sew.

Rules: Make 2 blocks in the style and/or color scheme chosen for the month and bring one to the meeting. Swap with other participants.

Commitment: All you have to do is make 2 blocks! This will be an ongoing swap and participants can join or opt out at any time.

x2 Bee
Participants: 6 quilters over 6 months

Rules: Each quilter provides fabric and instructions to make blocks of her choice. All quilters exchange fabric during month 1 and have 6 months to complete 2 blocks for each member (plus 2 blocks for you). One bee member will act as facilitator (Bee Keeper). At the end of the bee, each member will have 12 completed blocks, which she can sew together to make a completed quilt top.

Commitment: You will provide fabric for 10 blocks and you will need to make 10 total blocks (plus the two you'll make for yourself) for the other members over a 6-month period.

Round Robin
Participants: 6 maximum, lasts as many months as we have members, i.e. 6 members = 6 months

Rules: Each quilter makes her own center block during month 1. During months 2 to 6, the center blocks rotate among the bee members who will add borders to the center block. One bee member will act as facilitator (Bee Keeper). At the end of the Round Robin, each member will have a completed quilt top.

Commitment: Fabric to be provided or members can use fabric from their stash. You will need to complete your border on time each month so that you don't slow down the pace of the bee for the other members.

If you are a new quilter or new to bees, don't be afraid to join! It's going to be a lot of fun.


  1. I've done several online Round Robin bees. They have all been very successful. it is a fun way to get out of your comfort zone and stretch your creativity.


  2. I am so excited to finally become a member of your group! We are officially moving to Fort Wort the end of May. We should be in our house by the 24th. I cant wait to meet everybody!