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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to Make a Quilter's Knot

Hi modern quilters! I'm Jenny and so excited about this new quilt guild in Dallas. I thought I would post a tutorial on something we all need to know how to do.

I prefer to do all sewing on the machine. It's fast and efficient. However, there are some instances when I simply have to sew by hand (bleh, I know).

Anyway, before you sew specific stitches, you need to know how to make a sturdy knot that will stay put. I know, you're thinking "a knot?" I totally know how to make a knot. If you do, awesome! If you don't, I'll show ya in this super quick video tutorial. Please excuse the slight blurriness and ridiculously short nails. Um, I still bite my nails. Been trying to stop for like 28 years. Nervous habit. Don't even realize I'm doing it.

Moving on… this knot is really easy once you practice it once or twice. It's great if you have to sew on a button, hand stitch binding, or slip-stitch something closed. It will keep your stitches really secure and you can bury it in the fabric so it won't be seen.


  1. what a great little tutorial!! i went years without knowing how to do this and learned it on a bus trip back from a quilt show once!!

  2. great tutorial - I didn't know how to do this until a few years ago,, I was always the "wet fingers and twizzle the thread" sort of knotter.
    This way is SO better!
    Beth in Dallas

  3. Thank you for this! REally helpful to know this one.

    Also, the button is broken and I'd like to have one on my blog. Anyway of getting that fixed? Thanks!

  4. I never knew how to do this! Thanks for sharing!