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Monday, August 8, 2016


When the Pulse nightclub shootings happened, the Orlando MQG helped our hearts to heal by asking us to make hearts in rainbow colors for them, DMQG answered that call by committing to 5 complete quilts, and I am proud to say we are looking at a minimum of 9 completed by our guild (we have an amazing group). 

Then when tragedy struck in our own back yard on July 7th, it seemed the natural thing to make quilts for our city to help us heal.  Ann (President of FWMQG) called me that morning and asked if Ft. Worth MQG could help Dallas by assisting in a block/quilt drive.  Because we were all familiar with the (thank you Allison for allowing us to use your pattern) it seemed an easy enough process to whip out blue with white background hearts.  I went to work making our first two blocks and spreading the word to our guilds through Instagram.  McKinney MQG then joined us and three guilds have been working together to rally our members to help us complete 20 quilts.  These quilts are to go to the following:  5 quilts to each of the Fallen’s Head of Household, 7 to the injured officers, 2 to the injured civilians, then 1 each to Chief Brown, Dart Chief Spiller, Mayor Rawlings, City Manager Gonzalez, Mark McCullers (SMU officer that drowned that same week), and Matt Pearce (Ft. Worth Police Officer shot 7 times last March).

Well….  that’s how it started, and then there was Baton Rouge.  Really?!?!  Another ambush so fast?  Our hearts started breaking again, and we decided to add 6 more quilts to our count.   Baton Rouge MQG was relieved to hear #quiltsforpeace would be sending them blue heart quilts for their fallen and injured officers.  They were already working on a plan to make quilts for Alton Sterling’s family.  I told them we would also like to send a quilt to Alton’s family. 

“When your heart hurts, you make a heart," is the message that  Ann passed along to me from one of  Fort Worth's board members, Jenn Haxton. #Quiltsforpeace is sincerely that, quilters that are coming together at a time when our hearts hurt.  Our message is one of Peace, Love, and Healing.  It has been amazing all the hearts, quilt tops, quilts, supplies, and donations that quilters from all over the world have sent to us to help us complete out mission we certainly could not have made it all happen with out the Instagram community. 

If you are keeping track we basically need 27 quilts minimum.  I am happy to say we are at over 40.  Today, we decided we would also give another quilt to every fallen officer’s parent.  We want to wrap them all in everyone’s love to help their healing process.  We are also looking into sending 2 quilts to the San Diego MQG for their fallen and injured officers. Our total just jumped to 34 quilts minimum. 

The question on everyone’s minds “can we still send blocks?”  The answer is, YES. We are committed to sending out blue heart quilts to fallen or injured officers anywhere.  We also would like to make green (for healing) heart quilts with low volume fabrics for civilians who are victims of hate crimes.  To do this, we will need the quilting community to help alert us when there is a need. We will keep #quiltsforpeace an ongoing project.

I hope I have helped answer all the questions you have, if I haven’t then its quite possible  we might still be trying to figure out the answers ourselves.  We hope to pass out the quilts in the next few weeks so keep following along with us and Fort Worth MQG on Instagram. 

When your heart hurts, please make #quiltsforpeace a heart, whether blue and white to heal our officers or green with low volume to heal our civilians.  We want to continue this mission of Peace, Love, and Healing through the comfort of quilts for as long as there is a need. 

~Lee Jenkins
President DMQG

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Welcome to 2016!

The January meeting will be held on Thursday, January 28 at Ridgewood Park United Methodist Church, 6445 E. Lovers Lane, east of Abrams. (Click here for a google map.)

Our program will be a Trunk Show and Presentation by Jacquie Gering. Jacquie is known for her "out of the box" designs and unique style. Her work has been featured in both national and international publications, and she is the co-author of Quilting Modern: Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts. Jacquie is on board of the Modern Quilt Guild and blogs at Tallgrass Prairie Studio. You won't want to miss this one! (Guest and visitor fee, $5.)

Thursday, November 12, 2015

News from the DMQG

We are on the move...

We are excited to announce that DMQG meetings are moving to a new location!

Beginning in November, monthly guild meetings will be held at Ridgewood Park United Methodist Church, 6445 E. Lovers Lane, between Abrams and Fisher, about 1.3 miles east of Central Expressway, and 2.5 miles from our old location. (Click here for a google map to see the location.)

The November meeting will be on Thursday, November 19 instead of the fourth Thursday of the month due to Thanksgiving. We'll be working on community sew project for QuiltCon 2016. Hope you can join us!

Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Dates, Times and Locations

As we enter into the new year, there are a few important date and location changes for someof our regular events. Please change your calendars as necessary!

1. We have had to change some of the Saturday Sew dates at Plano Bresby because of conflicts in the Magnolia Room.  Here are the dates that have changed (times will remain the same):

January 25
April 26
July 26
October 25

2. The February meeting will be on a different day, in a different place AND at a different time.  But all for a good reason!  We will be having a fabulous guest speaker, Jen Eskridge of ReannaLily Designs.  Jen is the author of "Deploy that Fabric" and "Hexagons Made Easy" along with being published in various magazines and books.  She is also a member of the San Antonio Modern Quilt Guild.  Her program will be "How to Get Published" along with a trunk show of quilts she has made.  Plus, she will have copies of her books and patterns available to purchase.


MEETING:  10:00-12:00
WORKSHOP:  1:00-4:00

Messiah Lutheran Church
1801 W Plano Parkway
Plano, TX  75075

Following our meeting, we are holding a workshop featuring Jen's project "Hexagon Circle/Wheel Wallhanging".  Cost of the workshop will be $55, which will include her book, "Hexagons Made Easy" and a kit including precut hexagons and over 3 yards of Art Gallery Fabric.  Space will be limited and sign-ups will be done through Meet-Up or at the January Guild Meeting.

Questions?  Contact Sarah Huechteman at or by calling 972-849-6302.

3.  Mark your calendars for this years Annual DMQG Spring Retreat!  We have a new location this year that I know everyone is sure to love.

May 15-18, 2014
Sunset Retreat Center in Sunset, TX (Northwest of Ft Worth)

Watch the meet up page for an event announcement and more details coming in February.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pick up your Granville Arts Center Exhibit entires September 15

Today is the day to pick up your quilts that hung in the Granville Arts Center exhibit. We would also appreciate any help with dismantling the exhibit, so drop by and give us a hand! If you cannot pick up your quilt at this time, please email Kim Pajot at to make other arrangements.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Handwork Tuesday is tomorrow at Panera Bread, 6 pm.

  • Handwork Tuesday is tomorrow at Panera Bread, 6 pm.
    Ever wish you could make more time to get that handwork done? Whether it is a binding that needs to be finished, a hexie project that seems neverending or that applique project that would look so great if you could just is your chance! The second Tuesday of every month join other guildmember to gab and work on hand sewing projects.